Still not sure about My Services or Coaching?

It is natural to be unsure about a new journey, so here I will answer a few common questions.

Why is your course 3 months long?

Did Usain Bolt become a world class sprinter overnight? Of course he didn’t.

Scientists have discovered that on average it takes a person 66 days to form a new habit (some take less time, some take longer).

For 12 weeks I will be there to encourage you to change habits and keep you accountable.

Why the low price?

Would you pay a teacher £150 (average) to teach your child every week? No?

My philosophy is that price shouldn’t be a bar to change. Money is one of the stresses people have and you shouldn’t need to get into debt to change.

Will the prices rise?

Naturally as the cost of living goes up so I will have to raise my prices to reflect this. It will not be by much, as unlike other coaches I do not have a lifestyle or image to maintain.

Is it all online?

Yes it is all online via Zoom, with the current situation going on in the world it is much safer.

If you are not in the UK, then yes it will all be online

Do you work with everyone?

Like a good pair of shoes or a new car, you have to be comfortable in working with a coach.

The same is true in reverse.

I have to be confident that you will implement the changes needed for a better life.

This is why I offer a FREE transformational call so we can have a relaxed chat over a cuppa to discuss your situation

Do you offer discount?


My coaching package is one price. No hidden costs, no sweetners to make you buy, what you see is the final price.

Do you do evening and weekend appointments?

Yes I do.

I understand that there are pressures on your time and that you cannot make an appointment during normal office hours.

What are your opening times?

(All UK Time – GMT)

Tues – 09:00-17:00 & 19:00-22:00

Friday – 10:00-17:30

Sat/Sun – 09:00-15:00

If you need an appointment outside of these times this can be discussed in the FREE transformational call. Click here to go to my calender

I highly recommend Kieron to anyone. In my own experience, he has gone above and beyond to help me.

DG, Rhode Island, USA

Still not sure?

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