Why Self-Help Coaching isn’t just a simple search on the internet.

Typing self-help coaching into a search engine comes up with 46,700,000 results.

Enough for you to easily change your life right?.


You can read a million self-help books and be no further forward in life without action.

You may try it for a few weeks but then lose interest as the stresses of life take over.

My Coaching Philosophy

It is a simple 3 step routine I practice everyday.


You wouldn’t build a house on unstable ground, so why build your life on unstable ground?

By getting good foundations in our life we can provide that stable ground to build and grow.


You are the writer of your own book and have a conscious choice in what to do.

Yet accountability is key to making sure that you are on the course to achieve more.


Conventional goals are like Hollywood films, not really realistic.

SMART Growth will challenge you, but will be achievable.

Why Choose Coaching?

Coaching is a process where with the help of a coach, you change your life for the better.

Through multiple methods you will be able to craft the life you would like to lead.

All it takes is the courage to take the first step – even if it is just for that free informal coffee & call I offer

Rock up with a cuppa and lets chat

Get your FREE consultation.

I would recommend him to anyone. If you are wanting to get help and have a reliable, on time and a highly trained person then Kieron is the guy!

EO, Australia

What I offer

Over the course of 14 sessions, you will get a totally bespoke package tailored to you, no two packages are the same.

Tackling your past and why you ended up where you are, focusing on the present and empowering you to keep doing good as well as growing and setting goals for the future.

And the best bit, there is a low investment cost and payment plans so there is no missing out on change. No matter what the circumstances are, the price is £400*

You can either pay all up front or take advantage of one of two payment plans.

Payment Plan 1

£150 upfront payment then 2 further payments of £125

Payment Plan 2

£70 upfront payment then 5 further payments of £66.

For such a small investment by you, the value you will get out of it will immense.

(*International Clients all prices will be in line with currency conversions)

Can’t afford coaching at the moment?

That is ok I got your back.

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Got questions?

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