Hi I’m Kieron, the Refreshingly Honest Coach.

I’ll Be Your Champion and Your Examiner.

Why refreshingly honest?

I have been in the position you have been in and know all the excuses under the sun to stop you from changing.

Unlike most “gurus” I will not fill your head with Hollywood dreams, promising dream businesses and being financially free. I am grounded and will help you to ground yourself in reality too.

Instead of wasting your money and time, while watching someone consistently looking at their watch, I highly recommend going to Kieron.


Together we will

Gain Clarity on who you are and your role in life.

Make an achievable plan to gain the life you want.

Challenge and change the blocks that stop you moving forward.

Get you living the life you want to, instead of what others want you to be.

About My Story

As humans we tend to put sticking plasters over open wounds. I know I have done it myself.

Up until 2010 my sticking plaster was alcohol, it was the cure for everything. Yet, the more I drunk the more the wound open.

Something had to be done about it. The Choice – Drink or My Life.

Rebuilding the Foundations

Once I couldn’t escape the fact that I had to give up drink, I had to rebuild the foundations of my life again.

I had to find the real me again.

After some time of healing, things were going ok and I thought life was peachy. I had done a counselling course at a local college as well as a life coach course online.

Also I in a good relationship (or so I thought)

I had worked for a substance misuse charity and was working in a warehouse for a major chain, life was going good.

Yet life had one more surprise in store for me.

One More Crisis.

In 2018 my world fell apart, I found out the relationship that I had been in for past 8 years had been a lie and I was just being used. It would have been easy to go back to drinking, yet I didn’t.

I did a CBT practitioners course and found out about myself and how I had needed to build stable foundations.

Life Coaching

Now I am wanting to show you how, you too can build stable foundations and stop living life with no control.

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Not Sure?

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