Real coaching for a brave new world

Helping you to shed your past habits, empower the now and build a new way of life through coaching

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After the year that changed humanity, now is the time to take back control of your life. Real Coaching for a new reality.

What is REAL Coaching?

Reality Check

No holds barred look on your current life, without this no change can happen.


Celebrating the good stuff and working to change the stuff you’re not so hot on.

Actionable Change

No Hollywood dreams here, realistic goals that can be achieved.

Living Life

Start living the way you want to,you set the standards, not anyone else.

With my eyes on your situation, I will help you make the simple yet obvious changes that most “guru’s” overlook.

You will regain control of your life and live it the way you would like.

No one-size fits all course, just honest advice based around your situation.

You are a very easy going person. Even the most “stupid” questions that I asked was replied with respect. We also laughed and cried, which made the whole programme more human. – S.R., Sweden

If your situation isn’t what you planned….we need to talk!

Hi, I’m Kieron, The Refreshingly Honest Coach, helping the over 35’s make simple yet effective changes to create a better future.

It is all about discovering who you truly are and crafting a life that will benefit you.

I will help you stabilise your situation and grow it without having to work yourself into oblivion or getting yourself into debt.

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